is a multiplayer survival unblocked game where you play as a fly and eat food to level up.  The further you progress, the more things will be available to be eaten.  And as you evolve, other players will run around and hide in corners because you will be able to eat them too! You’ll acquire a new unique ability with each level and get an increase in the variety of your food. Populer io games

No matter you win or lose, having a great time is guaranteed with fly or die. You can compete with your friends to become the best player. Practice makes perfect, so don’t let your guard down if you lose a couple of times. Have fun out there, you little fly!

How to play Fly or Die ?

Eat items and animals outlined in green. Avoid animals with a red outline, not only you cannot eat them but you will also get eaten by them! You’ll be fighting against other plays to become the last man standing, so you better keep moving and keep eating everything in your path. Don’t forget to check out your water level as well; if you want to survive, you need every drop of water you can get.


  • WASD to move around
  • Left click to fly


  • Don’t stick to one place. Move around.
  • Use your special abilities for your benefit
  • You can hide in the clouds from your enemies
  • Make sure to drink lots of water
  • Hunt down and feast on your opponents


  • 45 different types of animals
  • Fly high or go underneath
  • Multiple biomes to play in
  • .io multiplayer game

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